Dr Cu. Antimicrobial Copper Film

1. How does copper kill bacteria?

Copper ions are recognized as an essential nutrient and enter the cell of the virus. It interferes with the normal cell functions and membrane integrity. It then impedes cell respiration/metabolism, sometimes causing severe DNA/RNA damage, which prevents it from growing and multiplying.

2. What is the difference between Copper's antimicrobial property and other antimicrobial additives?

Unlike other antimicrobial additives, Copper's antimicrobial efficacy is natural and is not as dependent on moisture to release ions and is active in a wider range of temperatures and humidity. Its antimicrobial power works continuously even after repeated contamination. It is also the only EPA-registered solid surface material proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria including superbugs and norovirus, with routine cleaning.

3. Where can I use Dr. Cu Antimicrobial Copper Film?

Our 1m roll can cover your frequently touched personal belongings like tumblers, pens and multiple mobile devices.
While 5m roll is a perfect length for your protection at home, cover elevator panels, door handles, light switches, handrails and even counter tops to get 24/7 protection.

4. How long will Dr. Cu lasts?

Dr.Cu is semi-permanent. Its antimicrobial property will last a lifetime even if exposed with cleaning solution or any harsh environment however adhesive film is subject to wear and tear.

5. How is Dr. Cu different from other copper film?

Aside from various patent certifications and test studies, Dr. Cu is adopted by Korean government's procurement agency. It is also marked as a Cu+ product by International Copper Association (ICA), the mark of the ‘most effective antimicrobial touch surface’ in the market.

6. Can we do the installation?

We recommend that client install it themselves since installation is easy. If an installation service is required, we can refer a third-party to help them cover mostly touched surfaces.